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Our veterinary team wants to minimize fear during visits!Our veterinary team wants to minimize fear during visits!


We are proud to be a Fear Free Certified® Professional We’ve always worked hard to provide the best care for your pets. We take pride in constantly evolving and educating ourselves. We are committed to looking after both your pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing using Fear Free techniques.

How will this look during a veterinary visit?  From the moment you walk into our door to the time you leave; the smells, sounds, attention, food and care will revolve around your pet's comfort level.  We strive to make the visit enjoyable by using many different techniques (especially food!) and constantly evaluate the fear, anxiety, and stress and adjust as needed.  Many clients have commented on how much their pet enjoyed their visit and how much better of an experience it was compared to other veterinary clinic visits.

Here is a video describing Fear Free: