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Acupuncture has come a long way!  No longer do we consider this a “magical” treatment that changes the energy or balance in the body.  We now know that acupuncture points affect nerves.  When the tiny acupuncture needle is placed in the body, signals are sent to the brain and cause natural pain relief, inflammatory regulation, and changes in the body’s fight-or-flight status.  Many medical conditions benefit from acupuncture.  Muscle pain, nerve damage, chronic disorders, and more!  Schedule a time to talk about acupuncture for your pet today!


Wellness visits are a great way to keep your pet healthy!  We can discuss many preventative care options such as: vaccinations, diet, exercise, teeth brushing, and acupuncture.


During the unfortunate time your four-legged loved one doesn’t feel well, contact the clinic for an office visit!  We have in-house blood machines and digital x-ray capabilities allowing us to diagnose on-site efficiently.


Whether your puppy or kitty needs a spay or neuter, or you find a questionable lump, we can perform soft tissue surgeries in the clinic!  We also love to keep your pet’s breath fresh by providing routine dental cleanings.


The only problem with our four-legged loved ones, is that they never live long enough. We are here for you every step of the way.  Hospice care is making sure your geriatric pet has the best quality of life possible.  Compassionate euthanasia is also available when the time comes to say goodbye.

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